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A Speech Language Pathology Job Means Working With a Variety of Problems

Although there are many that can benefit from their services, few people know what a speech language pathologist is or what their job entails. A speech pathologists work with people who have problems with language and communication. A speech language pathologist can work with the simplest of problems or they can work with more complex problems affecting language and communication. Problems such as helping someone lessen their accent or something more problematic, such as swallowing disorders.

Speech language pathologist are also referred to as speech therapist. These therapist are located in a variety of places. Most of them can be found in the school systems. In the school system they work with children who have various communication disorders. However those therapist who work in elementary schools do most of the testing for placement in speech. Speech pathologist can administer various types of testing to identify children who may have potential speech problems. The school systems employ the majority of the speech language pathologists found in the united states.

A speech therapist working in the school system can be a highly rewarding job. However it can also be highly stressful. Many therapist have a tremendous amount of paper work that has to be presented in IEP meetings. These meetings are held to present testing results and input from teachers, parents and other persons in order to determine appropriate placement for students. Speech pathologist are also found in the clinical setting. These are the therapist who work with patients that may have traumatic brain injuries, swallowing disorders etc. In this setting the client base is more diverse. These speech therapist work with clients of all ages. Speech pathologist who work in the clinical setting have a salary that is more competitive to others in the field. There are other speech pathologist who choose to work in private practice.

Many of these therapist work in other setting for awhile, eventually moving into private practice. Those speech pathologist that work in private practice also work with a more diverse clientele. Many speech therapist who work in private practice find it far less stressful. Many work in other settings in addition to their working in their practice. There are some therapist who choose to travel to their clients. These therapist go wherever they are needed. This may not be the ideal situation for most people. However if you don't like constraints or being in one type of setting all day then this is the perfect job.