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Career Opportunities for Pathologists - Education - College and University

Career Opportunities for Pathologists   by Robin Brain

in Education / College and University    (submitted 2011-03-22)

Pathologists are medical personnel who find out the causes and effects of various diseases in plants and animals. Pathology is a vast field and plays an important role in ensuring medicines and preventive vaccines for many life threatening diseases.

Pathologists are employed in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, public health department, medical laboratories and schools and colleges among others. Pathologists are also employed as teachers and research fellows in universities. Pathology serves as an interface between basic science and medicine and has a critical role in molding a healthy society.

The job of pathologists is to find the exact cause of the diseases and this is done by analyzing the tissues and specimens in the laboratory. The surgeons will decide on the course of treatment after taking the pathology report into consideration. Based on the pathologist's expert advice, the surgeon will decide the best possible method that is ideally suited to the patient's condition to treat the diseases.

Pathologists also do postmortem examinations to analyze the cause of death in suspected cases like accidents, poisonings, and suspected murders. Pathologists can also specialize in any one field including hematology (the study of the blood), neuropathology (diseases of the nervous system) and forensic pathology among others.

Medical pathologists train nurses and medical students and health care workers and conduct seminars for physicians and doctors. The law enforcement officers are also benefited by the latest and scientific methods of pathological observation that come handy in cracking mysterious cases like murder or poisoning. Pathologists use a range of equipments like microscopes and radioisotopes to find out the root cause of the disease. The service of pathologists is also sought during the break out of epidemics or unexplained and mysterious illnesses.

Animal pathologists specialize in disease conditions in animals and they specialize in poultry, livestock, or pets. Animal pathologists are doing great service to humanity by ensuring that only safe meat and poultry is used as human food because animals can transmit many deadly diseases like rabies, influenza and tuberculosis among others.

Plant pathologists study the diseases of plants and help to develop new strains of disease resistant hybrid varieties. They help to make premium quality food and fiber supplies and in preserving our environment. Pathologists are in great demand in various sectors including health industries, government sector, hospitals and research institutions.