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Distance Learning Pathology Programs - Augmenting Your Potential for Professional Development - Education

Distance Learning Pathology Programs - Augmenting Your Potential for Professional Development   by Jim Zorn

in Education    (submitted 2006-06-04)

Clinical Pathology is a vast subject and distance learning pathology programs cater to almost all areas of clinical pathology. The Speech Language Pathology program would lead to a certification in Speech-Language Pathology, while the Plant Pathology program would address the need for a certification in that area. These courses are directed towards working professionals who can complete their course work without leaving their jobs in the pursuit of studies. A combination of online coursework with practical clinical experiences in the current workplace makes these courses ideal for those who want to acquire skills on the fly.

Types of Distance Learning Pathology Programs

Laboratory technicians with AS certification or CLT/MLT can take up a Bachelor of Science program for the development of their intellectual and manipulative competencies and attainment of professional values and characteristics. They will be able to take all the didactic courses online and a clinical rotation in their geographical area. The Speech Language Pathology program can be an Assistant Certificate Program, Bachelors or Masters in Communication disorders or even a PhD in the subject, provided that the student enrolling for the program satisfies the necessary eligibility criteria of the university.

Plant Pathology distance learning programs are offered at the undergraduate level and cover microorganisms, viruses and environmental factors with emphasis on basic principles of plant disease development, disease control and diagnosis. There are yet other programs, which are designed to train persons who can be recruited as school based clinicians. Build-up courses to hone the skills of such recruits are also available with distance learning pathology programs.

Universities Offering Courses and Programs

The University of Cincinnati CLS Program is designed for working laboratory technicians who hold an AS or Certification in CLT/MLT. The Armstrong Atlantic State University, the University of Arkanas, St Petersburg College, George Washington University, the Barton Community College, the University of Kentucky, the University of Texas and many more Universities provide alternate routes to medical laboratory technicians to earn their bachelor's or master's degree in clinical pathology or plant pathology.

For those who wish to specialize in speech language pathology, the Ohio Department of Education and the University of Cincinnati offer Audiology programs designed for clinicians who are operating at school level in speech-language therapy. Such persons can earn a Masters in Speech Learning therapy. The University of Akron, the Ohio State University, the Florida State University and a number of other Universities offer undergraduate and masters programs in Speech-Language programs by distance learning.

If you are a Medical Laboratory Technican, a Speech Language Therapist or a Plant Pathologist who is interested in distance learning pathology programs, your choice of university and degree can be in accordance with your individual needs, your geographical location, or can be tailored to suit your pace!