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Language Pathology Jobs Stressful

Speech language pathology jobs consist of a lot of elements that can make the job very stressful and very challenging. A speech language pathologist may also be called a speech therapist. These speech therapists perform a variety of services that add to the stress that they feel on the job. Many of the job requirements that are necessary on the job depends on the setting where you choose to work. Speech language pathologists who choose to work in the school system are highly stressed.

This stress can come from working with children. Children who may not only have a speech problem but a behavior problem as well. These therapist have to come up with creative methods to make each session effective. These therapist not only have to provide effective treatment but they have to attend IEP meetings quite often during the school year. Attending these meetings can become very time consuming and be very stressful. Speech therapist in the school system also administer hearing and vision screenings for the students. A therapist who is placed in the elementary schools perform most of the placement into speech. Speech pathologist also do a lot of testing which is also very time consuming.

Speech therapist in the school systems have to be great with time management because they do so many different things during the day. The high stress of working in the school system is why many therapist choose to work in the clinical setting. The clinical setting is less demanding. However it does have its own type of stressors. Many speech therapist work with patients who vary in age from the very young to the very old. Each with their own type of problems. Many of the patients have tramatic brain injuries, swallowing problems, fluency, autism etc. The problems are limitless. Documentation is very important in this type of setting and providing quality treatment is a must. The stress that a speech therapist feels is not limited to working with the client.