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Mesothelioma Doctors- Who Are They

Although the first kind of doctor most mesothelioma patients will have contact with is their family doctor, the doctors that will eventually be involved in the treatment of the disease proper are specialist doctors in different fields.

Most mesothelioma doctors are specialist doctors in different fields. It can be an overwhelming experience when you have to see different specialist and having a basic understanding of the different types of doctors that you are likely to see will help you handle the anxiety that you are bound to experience. These are the different kinds of specialists that you are likely to come across:


Oncologists are doctors who specialize in treating not only mesothelioma but cancers of all types. They specialize in using chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer. There are two types of oncologists, those that specialize mainly in the use of radiotherapy known as radiation oncologists and those that specialize in using chemotherapy known as chemotherapy oncologists.


A pulmonary specialist, or pulmonologist, or chest physician is a specialist in treating lung diseases. They can treat diseases like asthma, COPD and other diseases of the lungs. Mesothelioma doctors who are pulmonologists can also treat other asbestos related diseases such as asbestosis which may not involve an actual tumor or cancer.

Thoracic Surgeons

These doctors are highly specialized in doing invasive surgery on the lungs, heart and chest. These surgeons are needed when surgery is being considered as the form of treatment for mesothelioma. They can perform various curative and palliative surgeries on the mesothelioma patient.