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Speech Language Pathologist Recruitment Services

Speech language pathologist recruitment services function as a link between employers and job seekers. They help job seekers find suitable job positions and employers to find the right candidate for the job.

To work as a speech language pathologist in the US you need to have a master's degree. Licensure or certification requirements are also mandatory, but differ by State.

Industry Specific Recruitment

Healthcare staffing companies can offer you all the assistance you need to build a fruitful career in speech language pathology. Whatever your requirements, the services are specially oriented to meet the specific demands of the candidates. You can find both permanent and temporary placement opportunities. Browsing the database of the staffing companies would help you to locate and apply for a suitable position that meets your requirements. As they work to recruit suitable personnel for healthcare facilities, they can help you find suitable placement in top research facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Understanding the challenges that healthcare facilities face in finding qualified staff, recruitment companies help them find the right professionals to fill the job slots.

Licensing and Immigration Paperwork

Internationally trained professionals require a special license to work in the US. Healthcare staffing firms make the process easier by helping them with licensing and immigration paperwork. Professional liability and healthcare insurance, group term life insurance, traveling expenses, completion bonuses, paid housing and continuing education are some of the benefits that jobs through healthcare recruitment companies ensure. Other advantages include:Section 125 Cafeteria PlanShort-Term Disability InsuranceAdditional State LicenseCancer InsuranceImmigration Processing401k BenefitsH1b Visas and Green Cards