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Speech Language Pathologists And Assistants

Speech language pathologists and assistants are professionals that help patients with communication disorders. A number of healthcare job vacancies exist in this sector and domestic as well as internationally trained candidates are considered for reputable positions.

Speech Language Pathologists-Essential Qualifications & Job Nature

A master's degree in speech and language therapy is the basic credential required for a pathologist. They assess, diagnose and treat all disorders associated with speech and language. They get to work with people having fluency problems, disorders related to cognitive-communication, speech rhythm, voice and swallowing. Therapists improve the patients' communication skills by modifying their accent, voices, and oral skills; they teach the patients how to overcome communication impairments.

Treatment plans based on the patient history are formulated prior to implementing the therapies. Alternative or augmentative communication methods with the support of automated devices and sign language are utilized for treating the patients. They keep precise reports of every treatment procedure they carry out, and keep track of the patient's progress. Effective counselings are also provided for the individuals to improve their skills.

Speech Language Pathologist Assistants Support Speech Language Pathologists

These pathologist assistants assist speech language pathologists in all treatment programs implemented. They can attain academic training or on-the-job training under the direction of a qualified pathologist. Post-secondary education and relevant experience are the basic requirement for this position.