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Speech Language Pathologists In The Healthcare Industry

Speech language pathologists (SLP) are high in high demand in the US healthcare industry. A highly rewarding career awaits qualified and skilled professionals in hospitals, nursing facilities, acute care hospitals, physician practices, home healthcare units and rehabilitation centers across the country.

Speech Language Pathologists - Nature of Work

The main function of the SLPs is to evaluate and diagnose disorders related to speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing. They also have to formulate personalized treatment plans and execute them successfully. As a speech language pathologist, you would have to work with people of all ages. Investigating behavioral patterns, developing new treatment methods and devices, supervising clinical programs and conducting researches on human communication processes are all part of the job. Generally, a masters degree in speech language pathology is the standard requirement for securing a SLP job.

Get Placed in Reputable Healthcare Firms

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional looking for better career options, there are numerous job openings in healthcare facilities in the US, including temporary (traveling) and permanent positions. An established recruitment service can help you secure employment in prestigious health care facilities. If you are a foreign-trained professional, the agency takes care of immigration procedures, licensing, credentialing and other related paper work. Apart from a lucrative career, recruitment through a professional firm offers several benefits in terms of travel expenses, completion bonuses, paid housing, tax sheltered benefits, healthcare insurance, professional liability insurance and short-term disability insurance.

To get started with your career as a speech language pathologist in the US, register online with a reliable staffing company, access its jobs listings and apply online for a job to suit your personal and professional goals. The websites of established recruiters also offers information about the kind of work, employer practices, working hours, and mandatory qualifications.

By: Brad J Jones