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Steps You Need to Take to Pursue a Career in Speech Language Pathology

The demand for speech language pathologists is steadily increasing as more individuals need help with speech related problems. The demand for these types of specialists is expected to increase 19 percent through the next years according to data facts. What this means for those interested is a chance to get into a growing field while it is still in its infancy.

Average speech therapist salary is typically around $63,000 a year. The exact amount will ultimately depend on your experience, education background and where exactly you decide to work.

Job responsibilities

As you can probably guess, speech therapists work with individuals with speech problems or related disorders. This includes speaking problems, difficulty in swallowing and even trouble in understanding languages. The duty of the speech therapist is to improve the speaking ability for patients and tailor a program accordingly.

Speech therapists generally work in settings such as clinics and health care facilities but working in a school is another viable option. In fact, this might better suited for those who enjoy working with children. Of course, medical certifications are a must for aspiring speech therapists.

How to pursue a career in speech pathology

The first step that you should take is to simply read up more in detail about this field and what it entails. You can start by checking out books from your local library or perusing the web for relevant data. Your best bet to getting the answers you want is to get in touch with someone already experienced in this field.

Some of the qualifications needed include a master's degree and also a passing score on the national examination for speech pathology. Another requirement is 300 to 375 hours with an experienced practitioner in a clinical environment.